Things To Do

When you will visit here in this beautiful small town you will not be bored a there are many activities that you can do here. We will summarize some of it for you.

Outdoor activities. You can use the Hippocampus Sea Services that would allow you the experience to travel in the sea. This service is highly recommended by the travelers who availed it. There are others who offer the same services that you can find. Other outdoor activities including snorkeling and scuba diving or visit different beaches.

Nature and Parks. In this category belongs the different places of beach to see and the zoo you can have fun and bodies of water to explore.

Tours. There are many kinds of tours that are being offered in this place and you already know that one of it is boat tours and rentals. There are also historical and heritage tours, sightseeing tours, cultural tours, nature and wildlife tours. You can choose from recommended tour providers you can find there or you can search in the net in advance.

Boat Tours and Water Sports. In this category, you can be able to try paragliding and parasailing, whale and dolphin watching,  stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, and water sports.

Many of those who offer tours also can take you to the different sites and assist you in the different activities you want to experience. You can have swimming in recommended places and try the different water sports having your tour hosts to help you.