Places To Stay

If you will visit this place that is hidden from others as they have not yet discovered it, do not worry where you will stay as you can find what you are looking for. If you are a family or a couple who are on the honeymoon or just want to be together, or you want a theme new to you for a good experience, there are places for you to stay. Let’s break it down then to the different types approved by other travelers.

Hotel Piccolo Mondo. A place where the environment is explained as clean and friendly. It is a romantic type of place to experience. This is the first place recommended among the list.

Hotel Tannure. A clean place and comfortable to stay with your family. It is designed to let you feel at home with the standard of quality and look of a hotel.

Hotel Solarium. A place where you can have the basic amenities and your pets are allowed. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then here is the place recommended to you.

Hotel Sabbia d’ Orro. This is the place for you if you are looking for a trendy place you can stay even if it is for a short time. You can see the beach and the pool just like the other hotels above. This trendy hotel is recommended by those who have experienced to stay here.

There are more places you can stay if you happen to want other places you can afford and comfortable with.