If you love live music, Mac's at 19 Broadway is the place to be. This bar has regular live music and open-mike nights. It has patio seating and a casual atmosphere. It also has a full bar and a music section.

Peri's Tavern

Music lovers in Fairfax have many options when it comes to where to hear live music. Peri's Tavern is one of those places, and you will find a live band almost every night. There are also other great music venues nearby, including Mac's at 19 Broadway and the Iron Springs Pub and Brewery. Both of these establishments feature local music and open-mic nights.

When it comes to live music, Peri's Tavern has an eclectic mix of styles. You'll find the Irish band Jerry Hannan and the Irish band on St. Patrick's Day, Soul Ska on Fridays, and Kelly Peterson and Friends on Saturdays. The bands start after 9 p.m. and close before 2 a.m. Whether you enjoy classic rock or the latest in electronic music, you'll find something at Peri's Tavern to suit your tastes.

Music lovers can also find great performances at the Blue Note Cafe, which has been a fixture in Fairfax for decades. The venue offers outdoor seating and an inviting patio that is perfect for listening to live music. The venue also hosts open-mic nights that feature local musicians and other local musicians.

Tramp Stamp Granny's

The long-running bar is a great place for music lovers. It features live music and open-mic nights. It also has patio seating and a casual vibe. It also has an excellent selection of beer and wine. Whether you're into bluegrass or rock and roll, Mac's has something for you.

The bar is a local institution with a rich history in Fairfax. It features live music, open mic nights, and patio seating. This neighborhood bar has been entertaining locals for decades. It hosts free music and has a relaxed, neighborhood vibe. There's also a stage set up for live performances. Guitar and piano sounds fill the air at this bar.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is an old-school neighborhood bar with live music almost every night. It's a great place to watch the locals or enjoy a band that you love. The bar's comfortable patio seating makes it an ideal spot to hang out with friends.

Mac's at 19 Broadway

Music lovers won't be disappointed at Mac's at 19 Broadway. The long-standing bar features live music and open-mic nights. It also features patio seating. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. You can find all types of music at this bar.

Mac's is a favorite among the music lovers of Fairfax. It used to be the heart of the local rock scene, and it features live performances almost every night. San Francisco aristocrats and local rock groups frequented this legendary venue. Local musicians are still playing here, and you can catch a classic or a new riff while you're drinking. Mac's offers a full bar and patio seating.

With a relaxed atmosphere, Mac's at 19 Broadway is an excellent place to catch some live music. The bar serves a variety of classic cocktails, and prohibition-style drinks, and has a well-curated craft beer and wine list. The bar is known for its live music and features a Steinway piano.

Iron Springs Pub and Brewery

Mac's at 19 Broadway is one of Fairfax's longest-running bars, and it's one of the best places to catch live music bar and open-mic nights. With patio seating and a laid-back, friendly vibe, it's perfect for music lovers.

This Fairfax bar has a great atmosphere and a wide variety of drink specials. They also have a live music night almost every night. It's the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. You can get a drink at a full bar, and even dance the night away. The bar is located in a former ice cream parlor, and it still plays host to local bands.

The music scene in Fairfax was alive and well in the 1970s. There were plenty of clubs and pubs, and many local rock bands played there. But, as the city's population changed and the community became more family-friendly, it struggled to attract rock fans. As a result, it began to lose its rock fans.